Stokes County Militia

Educating Americans on the role of the modern day Militia

Chairman’s Corner

I’d like to thank you for visiting our site.  The fact that you are here indicates that you might be concerned about the direction our Country is headed in.  I assume that you are interested in what the Stokes County Militia is all about and further assume that you are interested in how we can help Stokes County.  Stokes County is our home, the people here are our neighbors, our family.  We have to start looking at our needs first.  I for one see this Country headed for a terrible reckoning if some changes are not made.  Is it too late?  I certainly hope not, I have a teenage son and hope to one day have grand kids.  What kind of world will we leave to them?  What kind of future will they have?  These are the burning questions that led me to my involvement in the Stokes County Militia.  In the words of Thomas Paine ” If there must be trouble let it come in my time so that my children may have peace.”

It does not matter to me if you blame the Republicans or you blame the Democrats, the question is, what can we do?  Where to we go from here?  I think we are making the right first step.  Find like-minded people who are not willing to join the flock of sheeple blindly following the leaders of this Country into the abyss.  Then organize those people, formulate plans, store supplies, educate ourselves on real life issues instead of concerning ourselves over who the next American Idol might be.  We are in the process of forming emergency response teams to help our community in the event of any type of emergency situation.  We have to encourage everyone we know to start unraveling themselves from the grip of government dependency.  Everything the Government offers comes at a price.  I don’t believe it’s all intentional, it’s like an over-indulgent parent who gives everything to their child in a good-intentioned attempt to show love and affection.  The result all too often is a child who is spoiled and has no work ethic and grows up expecting life to be all butterflies and roses.  Guess what?  People fail sometimes, they get sick, they die, they go broke.  It happens and there is nothing that the government can do about that.  And it is not their job to try.  Especially not with our money.  I think the vast majority of government programs were started with the best of intentions, but the road to hell is paved with good intentions.  Satellite TV is a good idea and there is nothing wrong with it, but if you are having trouble paying your power bill what good is satellite?  It’s time the Country starts making tough decisions.  We are fortunate in that aspect, as Stokes County has been fiscally responsible, historically speaking.  But the fact is we need to untangle ourselves from state and federal grants that come with so many strings attached.  We need to stand firm and protect Stokes County interests first.

When limited resource are available, tough decisions will have to be made.  Where will you go?  Who will you turn to?  I have no intentions of leaving my safety and that of my family, to the good folks at fema or any other governmental agencies.  I think having a strong County Militia, local people helping each other, makes much more sense than hoping the government will send in the cavalry to save the day.  I will take my chances with the people I know and trust.


When our founding fathers said that ” We The People” established the constitution to “promote the general welfare” they certainly did not mean that the federal government would have the power to dictate terms of education in the individual states, subsidize businesses, or raise the standard of living for those living off of the state or federal treasury.

To quote George Washington  ” Government is not reason, it is not eloquent, it is force.  Like fire it is a dangerous servant and a fearful master.”

When the government opens it’s public treasury it splits people into 2 groups.  Those who benefit from the government and those who contribute to the government.  The further your money gets from you the less control you have over where it gets spent.  Why should one red cent of your hard earned money go to pay for things you don’t believe in?  If that money was collected and spent locally you wouldn’t.  That is why there was a  distinct and clear plan laid out for what the federal government was intended to do.  Over half of the federal agencies in existence today are unconstitutional, including the department of education(who might as well be the teachers union)  The power grab has been so gradual but consistent that the American people wouldn’t know how much power to try and get back.  If we are honestly tired of seeing our tax dollars spent to build highways to nowhere and research the fertility rate of salmon, then we have to get involved.  We must hold the elected officials accountable.  It didn’t break over night and it won’t be fixed over night but it has to be worked on and it has to start with We The People.